Cirracore Helps Businesses Intelligently Migrate to the Cloud

By December 6, 2013Press

capacity-assessment-ipadCirracore, a leading supplier of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, has announced their Capacity Assessment service based on a self-contained, ultra-small appliance that provides vital information regarding businesses’ overall server and storage environment. This service allows enterprises to understand the actual capacity and the resources that are needed before migrating some or all of their infrastructure to the cloud in an easy-to-understand, graphical report. For customers that have already virtualized their infrastructure, the Cirracore Capacity Assessment service can also assist by fine-tuning what resources are being consumed and assisting with intelligent sizing decisions.

“What is surprising to me is how many businesses today do not have a good understanding of both their capacity as well as their utilization,” said Fred Tanzella, Cirracore’s founder and CEO.

MegaPath, a leading provider of managed data, voice, security and cloud services in North America, is a longtime Cirracore partner that recently began offering the Capacity Assessment service to its customers. “The Capacity Assessment service equips MegaPath customers with vital information, including actual cloud capacity and utilization requirements, that helps them right-size their cloud infrastructure and streamline costs,” said John Scarborough, SVP Product and Marketing, MegaPath.

Based on the proven and trusted VMware® Capacity Planner, the Cirracore Capacity Assessment service is an agent-less process that typically consumes less than 1% of the originating operating systems available CPU processing. It provides a detailed current state of the infrastructure as well as future state consolidation proposed roadmap and service recommendation. Several secure connectivity methods are available including a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection, using an ultra-small, on-site appliance, or an extension of private connectivity (e.g. an MPLS connection).

For more information, see the Cirracore Capacity Assessment product sheet on To request your no-cost, no-obligation, limited-time assessment, contact Cirracore at, U.S. toll free at (888) 797-3831, Ext. 734 or worldwide 1.404. 348-2436, Ext. 734.

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