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Cloud Capacity Assessment Service

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Cirracore provides an integrated set of analytic, planning and decision support functions that give you understanding into your current environment and make an informed decision on migrating your infrastructure to the cloud.

The assessment of your infrastructure environment is based on the established and trusted VMware® Capacity Planner capacity planning tool (http://www.vmware.com/products/capacity-planner/overview.html). Cirracore has been trained and authorized by VMware to perform this assessment service.

This assessment is an agent-less process that collects infrastructure metrics and provides recommended capacity requirements for migrating your workload to the cloud. The assessment typically consumes less than 1% of the operating systems’ available CPU processing and provides a detailed current state of the infrastructure as well as future state consolidation, recommendation and roadmap.

Assessment Components

• A Data Collector with access to the customer’s infrastructure. This enables an agent-less collection of detailed hardware and software inventory data, and performance metrics required for capacity utilization.

The collector uses the same APIs to populate the network neighborhood and can gather data from heterogeneous environments across multiple platforms.

• A Data Manager that performs the hourly data collection and compilation as well as gives administrative controls for the Data Collector. It securely sends the collected data to the centralized VMware information warehouse.

• The VMware Information Warehouse is a data warehouse that collects metrics from the customer environment, scrubs and aggregates the data.

• A Data Analyzer that processes all capacity planning analysis. It includes capacity algorithms that on aggregation, trending, benchmarking and modeling.

Assessment Features

Delivered as an ultra-small appliance or connection through a VPN
The Capacity Planning service can be delivered remotely via a secure VPN connection or using and ultra-small appliance (pictured below) that is delivered on-site.

Agent-free Implementation
The VMware Capacity Planner Data Collector is installed on-site at the datacenter being assessed. This component collects detailed hardware and software metrics required for capacity utilization analysis across a broad range of platforms, without the use of software agents.

Web-based Hosted Application Service
The Capacity Planner Dashboard is delivered as a Web-based application that delivers rich analysis, modeling and decision support capabilities based on the data collected from your datacenter.

Reference Benchmarking
Analysis provided by the VMware Capacity Planner Dashboard is based on comparisons to reference data collected across the industry. This unique capability helps in guiding decisions around server consolidation and capacity optimization for your datacenter.

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