Network Engineer (CCNP)

By April 7, 2014Careers

Cirracore, a global Enterprise Cloud provider (, has an immediate need for a Network Engineer for a full time; salaried position located in Downtown Atlanta, GA.

Cirracore is seeking a Network Engineer to join our team. In this role, be responsible for network design for products for external customers as part of a team. This includes the physical and logical design of the network components in a multi-tenant data center. These components include (but are not limited to) IP design, switching, routing load-balancing and route selection systems as well as establishing network fail-over capabilities between components. This includes both in-house and telecommunication provided capabilities. The engineer must provide detailed schematics of their design and work with other engineers to provide an overall topology.

• Responsible for making technology decisions as they relate to the overall network architecture and associated technologies. This includes (but is not limited to) the IP design & possibly creating schemes to resolve IP & route conflicts, switching, routing protocols, load-balancing and route selection technologies that may include VRF and policy-based routing, policy-based load-balancing, etc.
• The applicant must be able to work a team of engineers as well as work with other teams such as system architects, system administrators and hardware support groups.
• Responsible for making solid design recommendations on subjects that include redundancy, diversity, failover technologies and expandability as it relates to the network architecture, as well as providing direction and recommendations concerning touch-points. This may also include establishing test criteria and validating the technology and/or product. Once technology selections have been made, the engineer is responsible to testing, deployment as well as training operations personnel as part of an implementation.
• All designs, technology selections, etc. must be properly documented by the engineer with the help from a technical writer.

• Bachelor’s degree preferred or equivalent work experience.
• Minimum 6-8 years experience in support of a complex mission critical facility and the associated team in a service provider environment.
• The candidate must have extensive experience with IP designs, in a multi-tenant and multi-data center environment with fail-over & high available capabilities. Must have solid experience with IP designs, NAT, IP routing protocols (EIGRP & BGP), Cisco products, Cisco IOS and similar operating systems. The candidate must have experience with server load-balancing systems.
• Candidate must have experience with Cisco Catalyst and Cisco Nexus switch line of products.
• Experience with designing high-available networks, including both system and component level redundancy and the associated technologies to accomplish HA.
• Experience with Layer 2 technologies.
• Experience with establishing vendor and/or service selection criteria to make product and other technology related selections and document the entire process as well as present the selection to a committee of peers.
• Experience with technology or feature testing in a lab and other environments.
• Experience working in a structured environment that requires change control processes in accordance with company policies, for execution of implementations and changes to the network environment, as it relates to the installation of the data center network.
• Experience with creating, updating and coordinating the implementation plan for all network related items.
• Experience providing connectivity to systems from one data center to another, involving IP design, NAT scheme, routing scheme and overall architecture.
• Knowledge of firewall technology a must.
• Experience in managing a multi-tenant data center environment.
• Knowledge of MS Visio to document network designs.
• Ability to document designs and test plans.
• Passion to stay current with industry standards, new technologies and best practices through attending extensive training and performing research.
• Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and/or Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)

• Other related experience is welcome.
• Experience with networking virtualized server systems in a large data center environment (VMWare) is a plus.
• Experience with Cisco VSS technology is a plus.
• Experience with the Cisco Nexus switching products a plus.

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